Master Class

Course duration:

3 Hours

Course description:

MAC has become a hallmark in today's makeup world. It is so widely used and there are so many techniques to apply in using MAC that it has now become a necessity to have some sort of training on MAC makeup. This course has therefore been designed for beginners to master the use of MAC to boost up confidence by knowing the very basic grammar of makeup. This course is for complete beginners who wish to learn basic professional makeup artist skills, or those wishing to expand their skills creating MAC’s stunning looks.

Topics covered

  • Makeup looks such as: Daytime, evening, glamourous red carpet looks
  • Secret shipping tips to purcahse the right MAC products


Teaching method includes both theoretical and practical with live models provided for portfolio. Students are welcome to use their cameras at any time during the entire session for portfolio purposes. However, use of images for commercial purpose are subject to approval and terms.


On successful completion of the course, students will be equipped with the required knowledge on the topic and boosted with confidence as a professionally trained artist with industry approved certification. This certification will allow students to begin working freelance on private clients using our credentials or pursue work on this revolutionary new age hairstyling industry where our certification is highly regarded.

Course fee: £195.00+VAT


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