The lucrative nature of rewards and returns anticipated by the makeup artists in the country make it quite reasonable to self fund a training to become a professional makeup artist. It is a value for money invested in terms of the returns. However, if you are currently tied up with shortage of funding, there are quite a few options available.


SelinaManir funding circle

We are proud to offer credit for your course provided you agree to the terms and conditions of repayment. Please note that there will be a fee involved like all other credit. Our credit will be in the form of easy instalments for a fixed period of time.

Apart from this, we are currently working on the following and would be able to offer you assistance in government funding by the end of this year.


Over 19 years of age – Fully Funded

If you are over 19 and registered unemployed and in receipt of certain benefits, you may not be required to pay tuition or exam fees.

You may also be eligible for full funding if you are 19 – 23 and meet the following criteria:

  • If you do not already have a full Level 2 qualification (e.g. five GCSEs at A*- C, NVQ Level 2 or Level 2 diploma)
  • If you do not already have a full Level 3 qualification (e.g. two A-levels or a Level 3 qualification), you may qualify for full funding for a Level 3 Diploma


Over 19 years of age – Part Funded

If you are over 19 but not registered unemployed and in receipt of certain benefits, you may be required to pay a contribution towards your tuition fees, uniform and exam fees.

Age 24+ Level 3 courses and above

If you are over 24 and the course you are enrolling on is at Level 3 or higher, you can either pay for the course directly or apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to pay for the course.


24+ Advanced Learning Loans

You can apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to help pay for your course tuition fee, to be eligible, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Aged 24 or over at the start of the academic year in which you apply
  • A UK resident
  • Have not applied for a loan to do the same level or type of qualification before.

The Government works with the Student Loans Company to provide advice and process the application. You will only start to repay your loan when you are employed and earning more than £21,000 a year; repayments will be at 9% of your earnings above £21,000 per year. The loans can only be used to pay for tuition fees. More details can also be found at the following website: www.gov.uk/advanced-learning-loans.



Apprenticeships are fully government funded for those aged under 19. For many over 19 there will also be funding available to cover your chosen apprenticeship programme.