Awards and Certifications

An award is the name given to the process by which a student who has successfully completed his/her studies has his/her success ratified by our Award Board or that of any of our accreditation bodies.

We offer many different awards which are recognised and highly rated throughout the industry. Our awards are considered prestigious within the industry and they are given appropriate recognition.

Your successful completion of training programme and classification is ratified by the our Award Board.  Upon approval you will be sent an award letter.  One week after the date of your award board your certification documentation will be available and we will archive your details for future award verifications by employers or other institutions. Award boards take place throughout the year.

An award is only made if the student has no tuition-related debt. Those with debts will have their award withheld and may not be eligible for graduation, or enrolment on any other programme at the Academy. Once the debt is cleared, the award documentation will be released.

Confirmation of Awards and Verfications


All awarded students will receive a confirmation of award letter directly after the relevant award board. Certification documentation (certificate, transcript and diploma supplement) will be available one week after the award board.

In addition to our range of industry leading diploma, certification and other awards, we provide training and assessment of worldwide recognised awarding bodies listed below: